SJTU Research Group Published a Review in Progress in Materials Science

Recently, the research group led by Prof. Yao Xin, Department of Physics and Astronomy, SJTU, published a review paper, entitled "Peritectic melting of thin films, superheating and applications in growth of REBCO superconductors" in Progress in Materials Science [Prog. in Mat. Sci.68(2015) 97-159£¬IF 25.87]. The paper has become one of the twelve review papers written singly by research groups from mainland China since the journal changed its name to the current one in 1961.

SJTU Research Group Published a Review in Progress in Materials Science

The paper written by SJTU research group has received much attention from their international counterparts. Prof. Yao Xin has been invited by more than ten conferences both at home and abroad to introduce the new development of the research. And currently, around eleven research groups from the US, Japan and Europe has taken on the follow-up studies.

The review paper was completed by Prof. Yao Xin, Chen Yuanyuan and Cui Xiangxiang, two graduate students. It summarizes a series of important research results found by the research group for years. Meanwhile, it explains the nature of the melting of thin films, which provides a new way of exploring new thin-films structures with high thermal stability. The review paper is expected to push forward the development of research in this field throughout the world. The project has been sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, the 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center on the science and technology of artificial microstructure, Nanjing University.

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